Concrete Cloth Performance



Coefficient of Permeability 2x10-11m/s (CC8)

Permeability of joints will vary dependent on the jointing method.

Flame Resistance: MSHA ASTP-5011

Vertical and Horizontal Certification

Flex Strength: ASTM C-1185

7 Day Minimum: 475 psi (3.3 MPa)

7 Day Modulus Minimum: 26,000 psi (180 MPa) 

Compressive Strength of Cement: ASTM C-109

3 Day Minimum 4000 psi (27 MPa)

Taber Abrasion ASTM C-1353

Approximately 7.5x Greater than 2500 psi OPC

Freeze Thaw: ASTM C-1353

200 Cycles- Pass


Manning's n Value: ASTM D-6460


Permissible Shear & Velocity CC%: ASTM D-6460

Shear <25 lb/ft2 (1200 Pa)

Velocity <35 ft/sec (10.7 m/s)

Product exceed large scale testing capabilities and as not tested to failure.

Set Time: ASTM C-807

Initial Set:  120 min

Final Set:  240 min

CC will achieve-70% strength 24 hr after hydration.  Working time 1-2 hrs after hydration.